Laurent Giezendanner

Head of Corporate Security and Head of Legal Operations

Vittorio Grasso

General Counsel

Pietro Gagliano


Thomas Ewing

Adjunct faculty, lecturer

Sefija Ceric

European Trademark Attorney

Rossella Munafò

Head of Sales & Marketing

Delphine Marchal

Assistant General Counsel Regulatory and Litigation International (EMEA and APAC)

Tom Quinten

Head of Sales (Europe & Uk)

Gianluca Campus

Head of Legal Tech and Digital Innovation

Alessandro Coni

Head of Research

Ilia Chekalev

Marketing director at 3KEYS GmbH

Karolis Šiugžda

Head of Legal and Head of IT

Adam Bartlett

Senior Director of Professional Services

Alessio Santoriello

Legal Affairs & Compliance Director

Nicola Aliperti

Former Data Protection Officer Coca-Cola Europe

Alessandro Fadda

Brand Protection Security & Resilience Manager - Italy

Sergej Toedtli


Femi Idowu

Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect

Alessandro Farris

Head of Brand & Trade Protection

Abier Wasouf

Global Anti-counterfeit counsel

Alexandru Calugar

Group Legal Director

Anna Kryzhanowski

Director of Legal Processes and Automation

Edoardo Fano

IP Lawyer and UDRP Panelist

Riccardo Guarino

General Counsel


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