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BrainLinx (BLX) harnessed the digital era of B2B event consultancy across the globe. BLX doyen to initiate & embraces industrial innovations by producing well-stirred business events like

  • Strategic Business Summits
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  • Well Curated Conferences & Seminars
  • Corporate Development Training

Brainlinx coined new concepts in the Corporate Event Industry by hosting successful sequels to numerous events with the proven turnout of leading brands & institutional investors from respective sectors of the industry.

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1. How can Brand Protection Strategies help brands in terms of creating a differentiated brand identity?
Brand protection strategies, and online sales control strategies in particular, are key competitive differentiators in today’s online marketplace world. When brands are able to maintain online sales control, they are able to help drive optimal sales performance on online marketplace channels, as well as across their traditional channels. Brands that have sales protection strategies in place typically outperform those that don’t.
2. What plays the more significant role in Brand’s Entity & Repute, its reach or trusted products?
Trusted products. It is easy today to reach a broad audience, it is not easy to maintain brand integrity with the rise of online marketplaces.
3. What in your view is more important; Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty or Digitization?
Digitization. Brands must quickly design and implement viable eCommerce strategies that will allow for the channel to be optimized for growth and profitability. It is a far different channel than brick-and-mortar, particularly on marketplaces. In such channels, limited distribution is key and brand / sales protection strategies play a large role in ensuring healthy growth consistent with brand image and brand integrity.......

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