The Smart Manufacturing & Industrial IoT world 2022 (SMIOT) is a gathering of 100+ Industry Leaders to discuss the carefully curated themes and topics full of knowledge, solutions, and challenges which manufacturing Industry is facing. This event will help you to explore the latest development in the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Transportation, Digital Transformation, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, 5G, Digital Marketing, Smart City Financing Models, Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence. The Smart Manufacturing & Industrial IoT world 2022 (SMIOT) helps the senior leaders throughout the IoT industry to forge strong and everlasting business relationships and provide a platform for all Industry Experts to network and exchange relevant information with each other. The theme of the Conference will be Embracing the IoT trends to Boost industrial Business!




High Profile Networking


One-to-one Meetings


Exclusive Gathering

Speakers Panel

Jitesh Kohli

CEO & Director

Nicc Lewis

Marketing Director

Ali Çetinbulut

Global CIO

Rajat Sabharwal

CTO & Co-Founder

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Program Format

Interactive Presentations

The strategic keynote presentations and real life case study discussions will enable you to learn about the latest industry trends and challenges. Brand owners researched based presentations coupled with the new product presentation by the attending solutions providers will give you the best industry experiences

Business Meeting

Enhance your business partnerships with the exclusive pre-arranged strategic face-to-face business meetings. These meetings are organized in the most professional manner with the prior notification to ensure the best returns.

Exhibition Space

A private space delicately to represent your own brand will always help to stand out from the rest. It allows you to display your products and give live demonstrations allowing delegates to have hand-on experience.

Corporate Panel

Programme where industry experts join hands together to form an interactive panel led by the leaders from all round the world come together to discuss the most challenging industry driven trends.

Executive Lunch

The informal table meetings provides a best opportunity for building interpersonal networking business relations.

Networking Opportunity

The programme enables to have more then 12+ networking hours that helps to built more business relationships though formal ad-hoc meetings

Job Title Analysis

  • ✓ Chief Executive Officer
  • ✓ Chief Information Officer
  • ✓ Chief Operating Officer
  • ✓ Head of IOT
  • ✓ Head of Smart Manufacturing
  • ✓ Chief Experience Officer
  • ✓ Digital supply chain
  • ✓ Director IOT Strategy
  • ✓ Chief IoT Architect
  • ✓ Director Smart Manufacturing
  • ✓ Head of Smart Cities
  • ✓ Head of Digital
  • ✓ Head of Assets Management
  • ✓ Head of Infrastructure
  • ✓ General Managers
  • ✓ Global Head of Operations
  • ✓ Innovation Officer
  • ✓ Managing Director
  • ✓ Cyber Security
  • ✓ Chief Commercialization Officer
  • ✓ Head of Innovation
  • ✓ Digital and Data Science Officer
  • ✓ Chief Security Officer
  • ✓ Team Leaders
  • ✓ Engineers
  • ✓ Process Improvement Managers
  • ✓ Big data
  • ✓ Artificial Intelligence
  • ✓ Machine Learning
  • ✓ Director for Manufacturing & Transportation

Program Agenda

Presentation 1

Establishing Smarter manufacturing Strategies for IoT Deployment.

Presentation 2

Leveling up IOT: Changing the way industries think.

Presentation 3

How to manage the security risks associated with smart connected infrastructure?

Presentation 4

Factors which are driving the need for Smart Manufacturing approaches in the world?

Panel Discussion

Unlocking the potential for the Internet of things with 5G connectivity.

Registration & Itinerary Collection (08:00 - 08:45)

Registration and Itinerary Collection

Chairman's Welcome Remarks (08:45 - 09:00)

Chairman's Welcome Remarks

Presentation 10 (09:00 - 09:20)

Labeling & Quality: Optimizing Global labeling operations & Packaging quality control

Presentation 11 (09:20 - 09:40)

Analyzing & evaluating how to meet the increased EU regulatory requirements for information on smaller labels & package inserts whilst saving on supply cost

Presentation 12 (09:40 - 10:00)

Primary & Secondary Packaging: Playing with innovations and latest developments

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Benefits of Attending SMIOT


Solutions at SMIOT

  • ✓ Smart factory
  • ✓ Smart manufacturing
  • ✓ Digital operations management
  • ✓ Digital OPEX
  • ✓ Smart process manufacturing
  • ✓ Asset processes management
  • ✓ Machine Learning
  • ✓ Industry 4.0 engineers
  • ✓ Digital Transformation
  • ✓ Digital production
  • ✓ Internet of Things
  • ✓ Industrial Internet of Things
  • ✓ Artificial Intelligence
  • ✓ Smart Operations Process Optimization
  • ✓ Automation services
  • ✓ Production optimization
  • ✓ Digital processes
  • ✓ Plant optimization
  • ✓ Automation technology
  • ✓ Robotic Process Automation
  • ✓ Industrial Internet of Things Process Automation

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