Luiz Carlos Coelho began his activities as an Industrial Property Agent in the early 70s and soon founded Symbol Brands and Patents, in a small shared room in the center of São Paulo. At that time, little was said about the subject, but Mr. Luiz Carlos never failed to share his knowledge and disseminate the culture of protection of intellectual property rights . He was recognized and admired for his sincerity, ethics, objectivity and commitment to customers.
Later, Fabricio Vilela Coelho and Fernanda Vilela Coelho joined the society, implementing a professionalized management and expanding the focus of operations abroad. Years of investment in infrastructure and professional training have contributed to society's growth and sustainability.
In 2013, in response to a demand from customers, Symbol Brands and Patents became VilelaCoelho Intellectual Property, allowing the expansion of activities for the legal practice related to intellectual property. The expansion continues to areas related to intellectual property, always maintaining the original purpose of proximity to the customer and providing highly specialized services with excellence .

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