6 Hotel Technology Trends You Can Expect In 2022

One of the biggest adopters of technology, the hospitality industry is yet again transforming its tech stack to take on the changing guest behaviour.

Not in too distant a future, the digital boom reset how hotels market themselves. But long before that, hoteliers have always been among the first to adopt new technology with the aim to delight their guests.

Today, a pandemic-affected industry has yet again turned to technology to ensure it is able to meet the transformative needs of guests. Check out these hotel technology trends below and think about which ones make sense for your business.

1) Digital conferencing Wi-Fi overhauls
Previously Wi-Fi was considered an amenity. Now it is a necessity. Living in a pandemic has brought people closer to technology and access to fast, reliable internet is becoming the minimum standard for a good guest experience. For many properties, this may mean an overhaul of their Wi-Fi infrastructure to ensure a seamless online experience.
An advanced Wi-Fi system is also required to power the audio-visual needs of digital conferences – the next big thing in the business conferences sector – and run smart in-room devices.
2) Integrated Property Management Systems
More hotels are expected to move to a unified property management systems to facilitate automation of daily operations and administrative tasks in a property.
For guests, this means a more intuitive experience of finding and booking their ideal stay easily, seeing immediately its location, detailed description and availability. This way, the booking process should take just a few taps from start to finish. And if a guest leaves a comment about their stay when they check-out of the hotel, for example, the right people need to reply and acknowledge this type of communication.
3) Smart room technology
On-demand convenience dominates our lives, and guests expect this level of ease from their hotel experience as well. This demand has further boomed during the pandemic where everyday living has become more intertwined with digital than ever before.
Properties are meeting this need to be digitally smarter through streaming, voice activation, guest-room tablets, smart keys, food ordering technology, etc.
4) Going contactless
Tying in closely to smart technology is delivering a contactless guest experience – an outcome of the pandemic. From check-in and check-out, the fewer the human interactions, the better. Mobile apps for check-in/ check-out, digital keys and voice activated control of appliances are becoming more common. In 2022 their use is expected to grow.
5) Migration to the cloud and a SaaS boom
Invest in cloud infrastructure for IT needs may not seem that impactful on the face of it, but it is in fact one of the best investments you can make for back-office efficiency. It also lowers the cost of technology acquisition over time, not to mention performance gains and on-the-go availability of key software systems.
This move to cloud services is matched with a boom in hotel technology services in the last few years. Companies such as STAAH offer a seamless cross-platform experience, from OTAs to booking and property management system, online review management and revenue management. This boom is here to stay. Expect more integrated platforms from cloud-based SaaS companies.
6) Social media interaction
Almost every guest carries a smartphone nowadays. This has enabled many hoteliers to use social media apps for location-based check-ins, gather guest feedback online, room service and general guest communications. Social media messaging services such as WhatsApp and Instagram or Facebook Messenger are particularly handy for guest communications.
Wrapping up
Technology has become an essential component of guest service. By providing your guests with exceptional service and unrivalled accommodations, furnished with all the latest technologies, you can significantly enlarge the number of guests who choose your hotel for living and improve guest loyalty.
The right technology has also become essential to improve administrative tasks, increasing staff satisfaction and boosting revenue.

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