Karolis Siugzda's Exclusive Interview

1. How can Intellectual Property Strategies help brand in terms of creating a differentiated brand identity?
Many business owners think that intellectual property strategy is primarily designed to help businesses stay at the maximum level of authenticity and competitiveness. Therefore, the legal department must develop intellectual property strategies that do not stand in the way of the organization's ambitious goals. While it covers many aspects, sometimes it is very hard not to try to do everything but rather concentrate on what really helps to make a differentiated brand.
2. What are your biggest challenges in managing IP of your company?
For example, explaining what qualifies as the intellectual property may be a hard task in the food industry. In most situations, some types of intellectual properties may not be applicable to protect new products. To stay in so-called IP compliance, you should be creative. The legal department should cooperate in developing new products from the very beginning and have an excellent understanding of processes.
3. What intellectual property resources or activities have you used in this Pandemic for your company?
The pandemic did not reduce our range of activities. As always, we had a wonderful time working closely with patent attorneys in various jurisdictions. We have implemented new security systems as well as analyzed trademarks and patents.
4. What in your view is more important; IP Awareness or IP Protection?
I would not choose one of them, as both are very important and must be used together. No IP Protection strategy could be developed without having a sufficient level of IP Awareness in the organization. Perhaps this is an answer to why we should concentrate on IP Awareness first.
5. What factors do you believe will shape the future of Intellectual Property Across the Globe?
Machine learning and data management are already becoming increasingly accurate and new technologies are being developed very quickly. If you adapt fast to the new solutions and apply legal tech, you should be guaranteed to stay ahead of the crowd.
6. What is your company’s vision for 2021 and beyond in this COVID19 situation?
Well, we think that pandemic times or at least pace how we worked through the pandemic is a new normal. Therefore, we will develop new products, modernize our IP protection environment, and proceed with digitalization and AI optimization tasks.

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