Vittorio Maio's Exclusive Interview

1. How can Intellectual Property Strategies help brand in terms of creating a differentiated brand identity?
Brand identity may be reached with IP strategies aimed at protecting the brand (once registered) and playing an early and active role in the design process itself by providing the company with the requisites to be met in order to create a differentiated brand identity according to the law.
2. What are your biggest challenges in managing IP of your company?
Since Sielte is a system integrator of different technologies, the biggest challenge in managing IP in Sielte, is provide clients with products, services and solutions which are not infringing IP rights of third parties
3. What intellectual property resources or activities have you used in this Pandemic for your company?
During the Covid emergency the Italian Government has declared that TLC companies had to continue operating even while all the other sectors were inactive due to lockdown measures.
4. What in your view is more important; IP Awareness or IP Protection?
In my opinion IP awareness is decisive to determine which rights may be protected by IP law and helps in keeping legal compliance of IP already registered.
5. What factors do you believe will shape the future of Intellectual Property Across the Globe?
In my opinion IP will be mainly shaped by new technologies and massive data collection and analysis.
6. What is your company’s vision for 2021 and beyond in this COVID19 situation?
Sielte is willing to drive the changes (e.g. smart roads, smart cities, IoT etc.) and continue providing its clients added value services in the TLC field.

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