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BrainLinx (BLX) harnessed the digital era of B2B event consultancy across the globe. BLX doyen to initiate & embraces industrial innovations by producing well-stirred business events like

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  • Well Curated Conferences & Seminars
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Brainlinx coined new concepts in the Corporate Event Industry by hosting successful sequels to numerous events with the proven turnout of leading brands & institutional investors from respective sectors of the industry.

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1. How can Brand Protection Strategies help brands in terms of creating a differentiated brand identity?
There are various methods how brand protection strategies can help differentiate your brand. In my opinion, the core strategy that should be followed is growing and making use of the simplest brand differentiation approach in a manner that correctly displays your brands' personality, values, promise, way of doing things and key characteristics. It is highly important to identify and fight against counterfeits because they blur the true identity of your brand. Due to global digitalization, you must always include modern technology solutions in your strategy to do it effectively.
2. What plays the more significant role in Brand’s Entity & Repute, its reach or trusted products?
I believe, trusted products are more important. You need to have a certain level of reach in order to even start talking about reputation. If no one knows about you then the whole point is moot. But then, you need to have a trusted product or service, so your customers can further spread the information about your solutions. In the B2B segment, you can’t launch a successful product or service without focusing on the quality of what you provide your customers with. That brings us back to the first question, I believe – the importance of brand protection and eliminating counterfeits, and hence building trust in your products.
3. What in your view is more important; Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty or Digitization?
Digitalization is the most important, I would say. Because in the modern era of such technologies as big data, machine learning and other robust technology, you need to always be a few steps ahead of your competition to provide your customers with the most advanced tools to secure their brands. Solutions that can be easily integrated, easily shared and updated will inevitably receive more awareness and loyalty due to the agility with which they can adjust to the ever-changing demands on the market.......

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