Bespoke Events

BLX Excellence Bespoke Events lead by the top industry experts to provide the customized experience for your challenges. We are highly experienced to provide you the most tailor made and personalized services. The bespoke events are being designed to fulfill the customized aspects of global business about the upcoming industrial innovations.

All the bespoke events are being organized by the experienced teams and focused to produce high level conferences, webinars, dinners, breakfasts and quizes. The networking opportunities are being organized between the sessions to strengthen the business relations.

Focusing Industries

Reasons To Attend

Enhance Network

Chance to mingle with the best and brightest in field.

Accelerate Learning

Get to learn about lot of new ideas and techniques.

Industry Knowledge

Learn what is new in the industry.

Professionals Experts

Meet with people who are very passionate about disrupting innovations in Industry.

One to One Interaction

Meet the experts and mentors face to face.

Tailor-Made Agenda

Hand pick any conference and panel sessions.

Bespoke Events

Business Unit Outsourcing

6th & 7th October 2017| London UK

Global Investment

13th & 14th October 2017 | Frankfurt Germany

Branding & Marketing

24th & 25th March 2018 | London UK

Green Manufacturing

14th & 15th Sept 2018 | London UK

Supply Chain & Logistics

9th & 10th December 2017| London UK