Sherpa Clinical Packaging was founded in 2010 in the heart of the San Diego biotech community. Sherpa is a leading provider of clinical trial material management services, including packaging, labeling, distribution and returns reconciliation, for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and dietary supplement companies.
At Sherpa, we understand the responsiveness and attention to detail required for clinical studies. We can create customized patient kit designs for all dosage forms, label and package clinical materials and store finished product at specified controlled temperatures. Sherpa will ensure that clinical trial materials are reliably delivered to clinical sites worldwide through strong relationships with depots and specialty carriers.
The Sherpa difference is our exceptional customer service and responsiveness to your needs. Your Sherpa project team will customize their approach to meet the unique needs of your clinical trial. We support clients in pre-clinical activities all the way through to phase 3 trials. We are here to help you succeed.
Sherpa provides:
• Primary and secondary labeling
• Package/Kit design
• Secondary packaging
• Primary packaging of solid dose forms
• Cold chain distribution
• Long-term storage
• Returns, reconciliation and destruction
• Labels able to maintain adhesion at temperatures of -70oC, -20oC, 2-8oC and CRT
• Multi-panel labels
• Booklet labels
• Sequential and randomized serial numbering
• Blind/Double Blind labels
• Comparator and ancillary supplies sourcing

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