For 40 years, tempmate GmbH has been an industry leader in supply chain monitoring, specializing in the pharmaceutical sector. Leveraging our advanced and innovative technologies, we facilitate the secure storage and transportation of your critical pharmaceutical goods. Our robust supervision empowers you to uphold the quality and integrity of your pharmaceutical products, ensuring compliance with prevailing quality standards. Our range of solutions extends from USB data loggers to real-time monitoring devices, providing complete oversight of storage and transportation conditions. With capabilities to monitor crucial environmental factors like temperature and humidity, we provide instant alerts to maintain the integrity of your goods, even amid unexpected anomalies. As a globally trusted name, tempmate is devoted to minimizing supply chain losses and upholding the highest standards of safety and quality. Every year, we protect more than 1 million shipments. Meet us at Global Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Forum and experience our commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical supply chain monitoring.