A world leader in the design, manufacture, and validation of passive high-performance isothermal packaging for the transport of pharmaceutical products, EMBALL’ISO is also a pioneer and expert in Preconditioning, Rental, and Reverse Logistics services for a Sustainable Cold Chain. In addition to the above-referenced services, EMBALL’ISO also offers complimentary support through their Metrology lab, Engineering team, Quality and Logistics teams, and a myriad of cutting-edge technologies available for applications such as AI modelling, simulation, chamber testing, 3D loading diagrams, lane risk assessments, predictive data analytics, and end-to-end real-time shipment visibility. EMBALL’ISO’s worldwide presence across four (4) continents, with nine (11) manufacturing sites (USA, Brazil, France, Germany, England, India, Singapore, Mexico and China), more than fifteen (15) additional Service Centers, and collection points in over eighty (80) countries allows us to expedite global supply, recover, refurbish, and reuse our isothermal packaging, saving you time and money while ensuring compliance with your environmental sustainability goals.