Our company’s niece is the dedicated and urgent logistic services, for both general goods and bio & pharma. We decided to combine our expertise in the Time Critical Service with the Pharmaceutical one, so that we are ready anytime to perform a job where temperature needs to be controlled, transit time respected and documents checked. Our warehouse is equipped to store and condition the elements of passive packaging solutions. We have three facilities at controlled temperature, at the ranges -21°C/-19°C, +3°C/+5°C, +20°C/+23°C and a deep freezer at -40°C, in which we store the cooling panels. Once a shipment goes live, we put those panels inside the shipper and are ready to perform the collection. We also own a stock of packaging for Biological shipments and, together with local suppliers, we may provide any packaging needed, for DG goods too. All above is performed in respect of GDP guidelines and ISO9001:2015