IPrime supports companies and individuals in all aspects of intellectual property, technology law, and dispute resolution, with extensive expertise in the protection of innovations and IP, including patents, trademarks, design, and copyright. As an IP boutique with personal contacts, we understand the processes and interrelationships across industries. Whether a start-up or established company - we help our clients to secure values and exploit current and future potentials. With a lead office in Zurich (CH) and affiliated offices in Dusseldorf (DE) and Triesen (LI), IPrime is the first boutique group providing highly specialized IP services and has become the nucleus of a network of boutique firms providing top-notch legal and patent services in continental Europe. Since many years, IPrime also runs a China desk and has strong connections to Japan. To provide integrated tax and IP advice on structuring issues, IPrime collaborates with a renowned Swiss accountancy and tax firm. Relying on a unique combination of experienced lawyers and litigators, patent attorneys and technology experts, IPrime offers cutting-edge legal and strategic advice and advocacy services in connection with the protection and commercialization of innovations, investments into technology, as well as complex IP and commercial disputes. Key strengths of the team are its independence and close collaboration between Swiss and European patent attorneys with a profound understanding of technology and science (including AI, robotics, big data, cyber-physical systems and blockchain, chemicals, biotechnology and medical technology), and highly experienced dispute resolution specialists, who routinely represent parties in legal proceedings before courts and authorities.