As an exhibitor, we present the XPAT patent information system with a document archive, IP management, meeting tool, database for designs and trademarks, patent circulation, search documentation, and legal status monitoring. The complete monitoring of IP rights, workflows for informing engineers and developers, meetings, classification of documents and their comments, statistics, and evaluations are components of this comprehensive and powerful IP software. XPAT also works with interfaces to Denne Meyer/Octimine (AI search), Questel (database), Averbis (auto-classification), or Pavis (fee service provider). The most important thing for the system was the insight that only adding one's own knowledge to the patent database creates significant added value. This is because the company-specific correlations and findings never are represented in any online database. Thus, over time, XPAT provides an increasingly meaningful knowledge archive with technical patent information as a basis for sound business decisions. This solution can be operated in-house or hosted on us in the cloud.