Cipher enables the rational understanding of patents by providing the patent intelligence required by IP teams to support their strategic patent decisions and communicate the value of patents both internally and externally. No more manual reviewing and tagging of patents as Cipher uses machine learning to automate the analysis. By using your view of the key technologies, Cipher is able to design and build your custom taxonomy. With Cipher you can: ● Optimise your portfolio – Ensure you have the right portfolio to meet your strategic patenting objectives. ● Gather competitor intelligence - Understand who’s doing what by automating patent to technology mapping. ● Model cross licensing - Combine patent and revenue data to determine rational licensing outcomes. ● Manage your budget - Justify patent budgets to CFOs and others to communicate the impact of your investment. ● Conduct due diligence - Automate manual reviews for efficient execution of M&A and licensing transactions. ● Tackle inbound patent assertion - Be prepared with evidence to create a fast and effective threat assessment. ● Benchmark your portfolio - Assess your portfolio in comparison to other owners through your technology lens. ● Monetise your portfolio - Identify opportunities to create value through licensing or sale of patent assets. ● Create risk mitigation strategies - Understand the materiality of your threats to define your risk mitigation strategies. ● Predict technology trends - Track new technologies of today and discover unknown owners of future disruptive innovation.