2nd Cyber Security Forum is an executive platform to discuss the industry challenges for Cyber Security & Investigation, Data Leak Prevention, SSL Security & Phishing Test, cloud-based vulnerability scanner, Risk & compliance testing, Cyber Technology Integration, Information User & Data Protection, Network & Cloud Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Digital Risk Protection. 2nd Cyber Security Forum (CSF) helps senior cyber security and dark web experts to forge strong and everlasting business relationships to share best practices and knowledge about the very latest researches affecting the trends in the global security industry.
CSF 2022, is a two days business gathering that creates an environment for the senior-level executives to privately network at planned virtual business meetings. Facing a constantly evolving business landscape and unprecedented levels of uncertainty, it is very important than before that cybersecurity leaders forge new paths to enable a cyber security-centric culture within their organizations, which are driving the next levels of innovation and digitalization that aim to transform the future of the country. This event addresses the latest issues, solutions, advanced techniques, models, and tools surrounding cybersecurity.




High Profile Networking


One-to-one Meetings


Exclusive Gathering

Speakers Panel

team image
team image
Ajeet Singh
OT Cyber Security ProgramManager
team image
team image
Jason Harle
Director, Information Security Resilience
team image
team image
Jorij Abraham
General Manager
team image
team image
Khashayar Yazdani
Professor and Dean of Postgraduate School
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Program Format

Interactive Presentations

The strategic keynote presentations and real life case study discussions will enable you to learn about the latest industry trends and challenges. Brand owners researched based presentations coupled with the new product presentation by the attending solutions providers will give you the best industry experiences

Business Meeting

Enhance your business partnerships with the exclusive pre-arranged strategic face-to-face business meetings. These meetings are organized in the most professional manner with the prior notification to ensure the best returns.

Exhibition Space

A private space delicately to represent your own brand will always help to stand out from the rest. It allows you to display your products and give live demonstrations allowing delegates to have hand-on experience.

Corporate Panel

Programme where industry experts join hands together to form an interactive panel led by the leaders from all round the world come together to discuss the most challenging industry driven trends.

Executive Lunch

The informal table meetings provides a best opportunity for building interpersonal networking business relations.

Networking Opportunity

The programme enables to have more then 12+ networking hours that helps to built more business relationships though formal ad-hoc meetings

Solutions At 2nd CSF

  • ✓ Information Security Policy
  • ✓ Cyber Investigation
  • ✓ Cyber Hygiene
  • ✓ Data Leak Prevention Solution
  • ✓ Cyber Security Surveys
  • ✓ Security Products Identification
  • ✓ Information Security Policy Design
  • ✓ Log Analysis/ Network Traffic Analysis
  • ✓ Web Application Security Testing
  • ✓ Penetration Testing
  • ✓ Gap Analysis
  • ✓ Vulnerability Analysis
  • ✓ Access Control Solutions
  • ✓ Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions
  • ✓ Governance and Risk Management
  • ✓ Third Party Risk Management

Program Agenda

Presentation 1

Implementation of advanced data security strategies and other data security technologies.

Presentation 2

How is the Cloud Computing changing cyber security?

Presentation 3

Application of AI system and machine learning to improve cyber security.

Presentation 4

Potential cyber security Risks of IoT and 5G.

Presentation 5

Cybersecurity Practice of Intelligent Connected Vehicles.

Registration & Itinerary Collection (08:00 - 08:45)

Registration and Itinerary Collection

Chairman's Welcome Remarks (08:45 - 09:00)

Chairman's Welcome Remarks

Presentation 10 (09:00 - 09:20)

Labeling & Quality: Optimizing Global labeling operations & Packaging quality control

Presentation 11 (09:20 - 09:40)

Analyzing & evaluating how to meet the increased EU regulatory requirements for information on smaller labels & package inserts whilst saving on supply cost

Presentation 12 (09:40 - 10:00)

Primary & Secondary Packaging: Playing with innovations and latest developments

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Featured Industries

Benefits of Attending 2nd CSF


Who Will You Meet

  • ✓ Chief Information Security Officers
  • ✓ Chief Security Architects
  • ✓ Heads of Information Security
  • ✓ Chief Compliance Officers
  • ✓ Privacy Officers
  • ✓ Data Protection Head
  • ✓ Director of Cyber Security
  • ✓ Director Global Brand Security
  • ✓ Director Internet Investigations
  • ✓ Head of Blockchain
  • ✓ Chief Cloud Security
  • ✓ Director of AI
  • ✓ VP Regulatory Compliance
  • ✓ Head of Data Privacy
  • ✓ Director Fraud Prevention
  • ✓ Chief Cyber Crime
  • ✓ VP Cyber Risk Analytics
  • ✓ Head of Cyber Operations
  • ✓ Head of Global Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • ✓ Head of Technology & Information Security

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