Memcyco provides a real-time detection, protection and response solution for website spoofing and brandjacking – phishing attacks that use fake websites to trick customers into providing their personal data. Memcyco’s solution is the only one that addresses the "window of exposure", between when a fake site goes live and until its takedown (a service which Memcyco provides as well). This time window is not covered by existing solutions, leaving organizations vulnerable to data breaches, ATO attempts, financial losses, and reputational damages, while their customers become targets for identity theft and financial harm. Through its agentless solution, Memcyco issues real-time alerts to users visiting fake sites, and provides organizations with complete visibility into the attack, allowing them to take remediating actions. Led by industry veterans and backed by venture capital firms Capri Ventures and Venture Guides, Memcyco is committed to ensuring the security and digital trust of its customers – and their customers.