Certilogo is a SaaS platform that allows fashion and luxury brands to digitally connect their products through a secure digital identity, through which consumers can verify the authenticity of the product in seconds and access content and services offered by the brand. The Certilogo service is used by 1 user every 4 seconds in over 180 countries and is available in 10 languages. The products of the over 80 fashion brands that have chosen Certilogo are connected to the platform with unique identifiers in RFID, NFC, QR, numerical and digital fingerprinting formats and are quickly and reliably verified by consumers through any digital device.
The Secure by Design™ approach of Certilogo derives from years of experience in the secure and controlled management of unique digital identities associated with products. Secure by Design™ means managing connected product projects with particular attention to security, from day one, thanks to a deep understanding of counterfeiting practices and vulnerabilities of common implementations.
In addition to the authentication service, based on artificial intelligence technologies, Certilogo helps brands build revolutionary trust-based relationships with their consumers.
Certilogo empowers brands of all sizes to affordably deliver the most reliable authentication, relevant information, compelling services and engaging experiences; enabling brands to monetise their products beyond the moment of first purchase, while collecting insights that support traceability, commercial, marketing, brand protection and sustainability strategies, throughout the entire omnichannel consumer journey and circular product lifecycle.
Winner of the "Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion" award in 2018-2019.


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