AWA Strategy supports clients with business-oriented IP strategies and management, thinking in terms of control instead of simply IP rights. Since every business is unique, the same goes for our services. We pride ourselves in aligning any activity we propose or perform to clearly support your business strategy and bring you closer to your goals.
Our team consists purely of individuals having extensive experience as Head of IP and Intellectual asset management in multinational companies. We are all listed as leading IP strategists on the IAM 300 IP strategy charter.
We identify and help you take control of what makes you a leader – not only today but in the future. We analyze your business strategy and get involved with your innovation projects to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.
At AWA Strategy we want to give you as much support as you need by setting you up with strategies, tools, and internal processes to best control your new ventures, startups, market-entry, innovations, collaborations, or spin-offs.
AWA Strategy is a part of the AWA group, a leading intellectual property firm with over 400 employees across 20+ offices in Belgium, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Our clients are innovative companies in all kinds of industries and sectors, ranging from local start-ups to global giants. AWA supplies a full-service offering in IP prosecution, dispute litigation, aftermarket services, legal advice, strategy, and commercialization


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