The firm was founded in September 2012 by Dr. Mahmoud Hussein. Since then, the firm has grown to be one of UAE’s leading legal service providers, an active boutique firm with international exposure and expertise that focuses on select clients and quality mandates. The firm is distinguished for providing solution-oriented and value-adding services to its clients with strong knowledge and understanding of Clients’ business and commercial needs. This success is attributed to the nationally and internationally trained team of regional and global lawyers. MHLF proudly is supported with strategic and planning expertise which is essential for conflict resolution, corporate, policy development, and legislative services. The firm is now well established and recognized as an arbitration and conflict resolution expert in commercial and corporate matters and is noticeable in providing comprehensive legal solutions for complex legal challenges.
The team is dedicated and has extensive knowledge of UAE laws. MHLF lawyers also have the skills to blend international best practices into their services, which helps meet the region’s unique needs. We ensure that we exceed client expectations. Our team of lawyers and staff are rewarded to provide expert solutions that fulfill clients’ goals.


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