Jura is a leading high-tech developer and supplier in the field of high-security graphics. We work with more than 80% of governments securing banknotes, passports, certificates, and other documents. Our +25 years of experience in high security enabled us to develop one of the safest and most secure product authentication solutions on the market - BPAS™ (Brand Protection Authentication System).

BPAS™ incorporates a next-generation copy-protected QR code patented under the name IQ-R PRO. Combined with unique digitally printed personalized security features and blockchain technology, BPAS™ provides true physical security for labels and packaging and is capable of authenticating products offline. By using BPAS™ in your business, you protect your brand and every product from counterfeiting. We ensure high-security features on 80% of the world's banknotes. Trust us to protect your brand and your customers

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