IGB is a leading graphics and packaging company specialized in the production of pharmaceutical folding cartons.
Our distinctive, plastic-free packaging:
          - Tamper Evident
          - Child Resistant
          - Ampoule Trays
          - Customers’ bespoke packaging is our next best!
100% quality control is guaranteed by cutting edge technology at every step of the manufacturing process.
IGB strategy is based on a win-win integration with its customers and environment, while respecting People and the Planet:
          - ISO 22301: for guaranteed Supply Continuity
          - FSC certification: paper from FSC certified forests, for sustainable logging
          - ISO 14001: Responsible Environmental Management System
The safety of staff and visitors is paramount at IGB and contributes to meeting and anticipating customer needs, with timely deliveries and the best quality.
IGB is ISO 45001 certified and committed to:
          - Staff Training for continuous improvement
          - Staff Health and Safety
          - Continuous risk assessment and management

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BrainLinx, Kemp House, 152-160, City Road, London, EC1V 2NX


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