Relecura offers an AI platform that helps you manage patents and other technical data and derive actionable insights. It is revolutionizing the way technical intelligence is obtained. AI/ML propelled tools are offered for automated semantic analysis and predictive analytics to process technical information, by which you can extract insights in minutes from the huge and seemingly unwieldy datasets.
Relecura offers various analytical tools and a custom enterprise platform to corporations, law firms, technology companies, IP services firms, R&D organizations, and academic institutions, and any other entity with a stake in IP and technology.
The unique tools catering to various professional segments are:
Relecura Platform: Turning patent and technical data into intelligence Tech Tracker: Analyze and track technologies and intellectual property Novelty: A tool for screening inventions and performing novelty and prior art searches
Categorizer: Categorize patent data intelligently
Tech Explorer: Direct your research and bring ideas to life
Relecura was founded in 2009 and has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Bangalore, India.

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