We enable brand owners and consumers to identify original products, make distribution channels transparent and engage directly with customers.
SECURIKETT® is one of the leading companies in the field of product and brand protection.
SECURIKETT® is offering a one-stop-shop for both physical and digital product security. The unique tamper protection developed by SECURIKETT® satisfies the strictest requirements. That's why SECURIKETT® VOID labels are in demand all over the world.
Founded in 2001, SECURIKETT® today employs 90 people and exports to over 45 countries, more than 50% of which are in Asia. In October 2017 we moved to our new headquarters in Münchendorf, near Vienna to stay an innovative and reliable partner for our demanding customers in the future as well.
Digital product security is relevant if you are in a position to identify individual products accurately and then track them along the distribution channel to the customer/end customer. This simultaneously includes online verification for the consumer.