Laetus has been an industry leader in Track & Trace for 45+ years, offering a wide range of solutions to serialize and aggregate packaging. The traceability of goods throughout the entire packaging and supply chain provides a high degree of product safety and increases the level of trust among consumers in the long term. Marking and verification of products means that defective batches can be detected at any time and withdrawn from the production line. Laetus supports companies in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, or Lubricants to maintain highest levels of product quality and production efficiency. The proven serialization and aggregation solutions from Laetus allow for brand protection, production control, quality assurance, consumer engagement, product authentication, and supply chain tracking. Along with its customers, Laetus creates tailored traceability solutions for all process-specific requirements. Laetus offers users all the components required for successful Track & Trace. Due to their modular structure, they can easily be adjusted to the customer-specific production environment as well as their requirements in terms of tracking and traceability. Connection to the PLC enables comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of process sequences. As such, Laetus ensures maximum safety and Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The global sales and service network from Laetus includes subsidiaries in numerous European countries, the Americas and Asia. Along with 50 independent partners, the team is committed to providing effective and efficient traceability solutions to its customers.


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