Truvant is the largest independent, pure-play packaging services provider in the world with over 6,000 employees located in 4 countries. Truvant provides contract manufacturing, primary and secondary packaging, and display solutions to the world’s greatest brands on a global scale through its in-plant, in-DC, and shared-use operating model. This unique and highly flexible approach helps brands get their products to the consumer in the most efficient and effective the manner by increasing resiliency, agility, flexibility, and speed to market while reducing costs, complexity, and environmental impact.

Why partner with Truvant?
Reduce Costs: reducing operating costs through increased manufacturing efficiency in production, reduced transportation demand, fewer miles traveled, load densification, etc
Improve Service: improving order fill rates and product availability, reducing stock-outs, reducing damages, improving speed to market
Increase Speed: decreasing time to market for new product introductions, line extensions, format changes, promotions, and seasonal events
Reduce Inventory: minimizing inventory on hand, reducing slow-moving and obsolete goods, reducing working capital, reducing the need for rework
Increase Flexibility: providing highly flexible, creative solutions focused on customer short- and long-term needs
Streamline Planning: making it easier to plan demand at the base goods level, allowing more flexibility in product configuration without increasing complexity
In house Packaging Development team brings expertise and innovation to Primary & Secondary packaging development process


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